Is Your Business Making The Most Of Its Digital Potential? 

Is Your Business Making The Most Of Its Digital Potential? 

Whether you are running a global corporation or a local corner store, having an online presence is absolutely crucial and can truly launch your brand to another level.

More than that, pushing your business online can and will have a clear and measurable impact on your bottom line.

So where do you start? Well, to form an effective digital marketing strategy and really make the most of your digital potential, you need to first check in with where you are currently at and address the areas where you can really improve.

Ask yourself the following questions…

Are you using social media?

It’s not rocket science. In 2018, you simply need to have a social media presence and push your message on the platforms where both your current and potential customers are spending their time and attention.

Even for small local businesses, it’s crucial that you are making noise and delivering your message to the right people when and where it matters.

Do you post more than once a week?

More than just having a social media presence, it’s crucial that you have a consistent approach and active voice on the platforms that your business lives on.

If you are sporadically posting when the mood takes you or simply leaving your social pages inactive for weeks at a time, then your reach will be drastically reduced and you will have little to no credibility when you do choose to post.

Do you have a documented workflow/schedule?

Structure is key. Whether you’re a one-person team or have an army of 20 working on your digital campaigns, you need to have a documented workflow and schedule in place to ensure that you’re consistently active and raising awareness around your brand and business.

Whether it’s a simple Excel sheet or something more intricate, putting a structured workflow and schedule in place is fundamental to an effective digital strategy.

Figure out what tools or systems work for you, get your team on the same page and, most importantly, stick to your schedule.

Do you have a digital strategy and have you set SMART goals?

Having an effective digital strategy means that you are launching a structured, planned online marketing effort to grow your business.

Although that may sound a little daunting, when you really break it down, it is extremely doable. You simply need to define your strategy by designing your campaign concept, defining your target audience, nailing down your messaging and deciding where you want your campaign to live – we’ll get into this in a little more detail in a second.

However, before you hit go, you need to ask yourself are your goals SMART? The last thing you want is a ‘Hail Mary’ effort that is based around waffle. You need to be focusing on SpecificMeasurableAchievableRelevant and Time-sensitive objectives – anything else and you’ll essentially be shooting in the dark.

Are you measuring/optimising the results of your digital campaigns?

We’ve already said that your goals need to be SMART but, as the campaign rolls on with time, you need to keep on top of it, measure the results and optimise for higher returns.

This involves more than checking what’s working and what’s not – but also more advanced approaches such as A/B testing, KPI analysis and breaking down performance by audience.

When the campaign is finally wrapped, it’s crucial to prepare a report and analyse what performed best on which platforms. This will be a huge help when you are launching your next campaign.

Are you using the right channels to reach your potential customers?

More than just running digital campaigns, it’s also important to know the right techniques and skills to reach your potential customers on the right channels.

For example, on Facebook, use custom audiences to target and recapture the crowds that you really want to hit with your most powerful messaging. Instagram’s advertising platform can also yield huge results for those businesses looking to make a visual impact.

Both accounts can be managed from your advertising account on Facebook so, for those getting started, managing on multiple platforms is much easier than it sounds.

Are you using paid search and display on Google?

If you don’t know anything about Google search and display then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In short, the search network provides advertisers with the opportunity to display ads when users or potential customers are searching for products or services that relate to their business. While the display network essentially provides advertisers with the avenue to promote their business on other websites that are trying to make money from Google AdSense.

Both can play a crucial role in any effective Digital Marketing strategy so, if you’re not using either, you might want to reconsider.


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